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Still Worlds Turning by Various

Still Worlds Turning


Includes 'Balloon Animals' by Laura-Blaise McDowell, shortlisted for the An Post Irish Book Awards category WRITING.IE SHORT STORY OF THE YEAR 2019 and 'Scrimshaw' by Eley Williams, shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award 2020.

With an introduction from June Caldwell (Room Little Darker, 2017), Still Worlds Turning presents new stories from the following contributors:

Niall Bourke, Lucy Caldwell, Jan Carson, Judyth Emanuel, Wendy Erskine, Louise Farr, Lauren Foley, Ian Green, Daniel Hickey, Michael Holloway, Suzanne Joinson, Niamh MacCabe, Laura-Blaise McDowell, Gerard McKeown, Mandy Taggart, Catherine Talbot, Sam Thompson, Joanna Walsh, Dawn Watson, Eley Williams.

"[Joanna] Walsh is a sublimely elegant writer – artful and intelligent. " New Statesman
"A born storyteller, [Jan Carson’s] narratives are uncontainable, fizzing up out of her pages like soda and vinegar in a bottle." The Guardian
"[Eley] Williams is a writer for whom one struggles to find comparison, because she has arrived in a class of her own." The Guardian
"‘If the ghost of Angela Carter and a hungover George Saunders ever got together, they might turn out tales as full of the righteous ire and strychnine wit as these uproarious stories’ " Colin Barrett on June Caldwell’s debut collection Room Little Darker
"With skill and style, [Wendy] Erskine unpicks the underlying complexity of ordinary lives, the unexpected intricacy of ordinary situations." Sara Baume, author of Spill Simmer Falter Wither
"Dazzling ... an elegant and hauntingly beautiful book. (Praise for Sam Thompson's Communion Town)" New York Times


Still Worlds Turning gathers original stories from twenty celebrated and emerging writers from the UK, Ireland and beyond. This is not an anthology tied to one place, nor does it claim to be representative of a generation or define the contemporary moment. The aim of this book is to present new short fiction of the highest quality to fans of the genre and new readers alike.

About Various

'Whatever the form is, or claims to be, or warps itself into for our sequestered reading pleasure, a short story is a tricky distillation that’s notoriously hard to pull off. It needs to make sense, to retain plausibility from beginning to pretend end; it should scratch the subconscious in a leisurely but maddening way; a good story will leave you with niggling questions. Really, it’s a form not intended to satisfy.' June Caldwell, Introduction, Still Worlds Turning

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